Five Things Men Should Know About BRCA Mutations and Prostate Cancer

1. If you are a man who has an inherited BRCA gene there is a possibility that if you develop prostate cancer, it will be at a younger age, and have a higher mortality rate.

2. Men who have been found to have a BRCA mutation have an increased risk for developing prostate cancer (3 – 8 times) compared to men without the BRCA mutation. Those men who have a family history of prostate cancer should talk with their doctor about whether genetic tests should be considered.

3. If you are a man who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and also have a BRCA mutation, you are more likely to have an aggressive form of cancer. Knowing your BRCA status may be a key tool in helping your doctor anticipate the aggressiveness of your disease and evaluate treatment and management options.

4. In some cases a BRCA gene mutation may not be present when a man’s prostate cancer is first diagnosed, however it can occur over time. This is a reason why many doctors may discuss genetic testing at different times throughout the course of the disease.

5. Many experts suggest that men get tested to learn more about their genetic composition and BRCA status. Men who know their status can prevent misleading management options if diagnosed with prostate cancer and it can be determined whether they are at a higher risk of an aggressive form of cancer if diagnosed.

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