Prostate cancer patients can benefit greatly from exercise post-treatment

The therapies and procedures that prostate cancer patients go through can have a negative effect on their physical capabilities to complete normal activities of daily living. Side effects of treatments can include: fatigue, loss of muscle mass, increased body fat percentage and perceived decline of function of daily activities. A great way fight against these unwanted side effects is by exercising.

In one recent study 155 men were randomly assigned to either a control group (no exercise intervention) or a 12-week exercise program including resistance training three days per week. The men in the group who participated in exercise reported less frequency and less severity of fatigue from normal activities of daily living. These same men also demonstrated increases in upper body and lower body muscular strength and endurance.

Resistance exercise has been widely reported as having beneficial effects on increasing muscle mass, muscle strength and muscle endurance in prostate cancer patients. It is also known to have positive effects on maintaining bone and connective tissue health which may help men reduce their risk of injuries while exercising and in everyday life.

It is highly recommended that men talk with their doctor or other health care provider before starting an exercise routine. The guidance of a fitness professional with certifications and experience working with the sub-specialty of cancer survivorship is also very helpful.

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