When You Have Prostate Cancer Make Physical Activity a Priority

From improving your mood to helping you fight fatigue; physical activity can have lots of benefits when you have prostate cancer, from improving your mood to fighting fatigue. Physical activity doesn’t have to mean something of the level of running a marathon or climbing a mounting. There are many small ways to encourage yourself to get more active; move more. Talk to your doctor and ask for a good exercise plan that meets your personal needs.

Activity Can Help Ease Treatment Side Effects

For patients that are getting hormone therapy for their prostate cancer, exercise can help with some of the side effects, some of which can be similar to those that women get during menopause. Some of the potential problems with hormone therapy can be osteoporosis, hot flashes, issues with sexual libido and weight gain. Staying physically active can help minimize these side effects.

Physical Activity Can Improve Your Treatment Options

There are a wide variety of reasons to keep up your fitness level throughout your life, however for prostate cancer patients research suggests that physical activity activates certain genetic pathways in your body, which can help improve how well medicines work.

Try to Keep Your Weight To a Normal Level.

Researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center conducted a study that suggests the risk of dying from prostate cancer is more than double in obese men diagnosed with the disease, compared with men of normal weight. Men that are obese and have cancer that is limited to a specific area, have nearly four times the risk of their cancer spreading.

Activity Can Help You Beat Fatigue

Cancer treatments can often make patients feel tired. This is due to many factors including anemia, chemotherapy and radiation side effects, depression, and the cancer itself.

People often think that exercising when you are fatigued sounds counterproductive, but it is indeed a good way to combat fatigue. Researchers have proved that people with cancer who exercise regularly have 40%-50% less fatigue than those who don’t.

Activity Can Be a Mood Booster

Keeping your spirits up is easier when you are physically active. It’s a way to have control over your body in a good way. Exercise for prostate cancer patients can really help make them feel more positive.

What Activity Is Best For You?

Experts say that the ideal exercise/activity plan includes three parts: an activity like a brisk walk to get your heart pumping, strength training such as lifting weights to build muscle, and stretching to keep your muscles and joints limber.

For patients that weren’t physically active before their diagnosis, the advice is to start slowly. Each day just do a little more and a little more. Don’t strain yourself at the start of your new regime or you will just get discouraged. It’s fine to being with a simply 10-minute walk and work your way up slowly to a level such as 30 minutes, 5 days a week.

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