Christopher Knoedler, MD Testimonials

He saved my life.

Very easy to talk to and he listens to you when asking questions with good explanations.

Dr. Knoedler is a superb health care provider. He listens and interacts with my observations and my concerns. He is highly experienced. As technologies change he not only remains up to speed but also has the breadth of practice to apply new approaches to medical conditions and to develop his own history with treatment options. He conveys and applies those experiences to his patients so that they know the options and the probabilities of maximizing wellness.

I have so many friends that also go to Dr. Knoedler and I just appreciate his professionalism and frankness very much.

I was referred to Doctor Knoedler from my primary physician. From the first meeting through continuing care I have been very happy with Dr. Knoedler. He has a great manner and personality while guiding me through diagnosis, surgery and follow up. A huge thank you to Dr. Knoedler and the staff at Metro Urology

This man knows his profession. He impresses me very much. I wish my work in my profession was as capable as his is in urology.

I love the guy; he’s the best doctor out there

Unlike some doctors he makes me feel very comfortable and at ease because he connects with me as a person.

Great 1st visit with Dr. Knoedler – everything I heard about him and more. I was hoping the appointment would go well and I would choose him for my robotic prostatectomy. It didn’t take more than a few minutes to know he was the right doctor for me. Great communicator with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Been going to him for over twenty years. That should say something.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Knoedler for the last 11 years. I have trusted his expertise and professionalism.

Fabulous Doc!

Dr. Knoedler is great but even more important is his assistant Terri. She is a remarkable woman who is able to make Dr. Knoedler as effective as he is. Her compassion, professionalism, warm smile and great sense of humor truly makes the office visit enjoyable. I hope she hears how important she is to patient satisfaction. She is THE BEST!!!!

Dr. Knoedler is a caring, kind , and very talented physician

Outstanding physician in all respects

Chris Knoedler is a thoughtful, considerate person and a great surgeon.

Very helpful. I feel like I am getting all the info and care I need regarding my condition. Personable guy as well.

20 years with Dr. Knoedler has been a pleasure to know him.

Comes across as very knowledgeable and caring.

Dr. Knoedler was very thorough in explaining the surgery and follow-up appointments

He is an informed Dr. and can answer questions and I feel that I am under a caring Dr. My previous Urologist had almost no social skills and sent an assistant to visit me after kidney cancer surgery.

Very personable and professional. Explains medical issues very well.

I would recommend Dr. Knoedler to anyone he obviously cares about providing quality medical care and understands the issues related to prostate cancer.

He is an excellent Doc. He cares very much about me as a person and he actually does treat me and not just a disease. That is the difference between excellent and sub-standard care.

Extremely good physician. Knowledgeable and makes time for personalizing the visit. Takes a proactive and reassuring approach. Creates much trust for the plan moving forward. Highly recommend!

Very good visit. Helped greatly in making decision concerning my health issue.

Excellent Doctor who really cares for his patients.

I was put at ease from my initial consultation by his experience, knowledge and confidence in assessing my situation. I’m glad that I made the “one more call” in seeking treatment from Dr. Knoedler.

A wonderful, competent, caring physician. He and his nurse provide me with great care.

Before my first appointment he completely reviewed my medical records to this point and all of the treatment related to my condition. I was expecting to start all over again from before I started treatment with my last urologist, but that wasn’t the case. It seemed like he was treating me from the beginning. He knew what was going on, what was done and suggested paths to correct the problem. His choices and explanations were clear and concise. I had a voice in the decision, which I liked. All-in-all, I feel I got the best care and treatment available anywhere from anyone.

Exceptional doctor and practice. I have referred the good doctor many times.

Dr. Knoedler has been seeing me for a number of years and I have been impressed with his practice and expertise.

Dr. Knoedler and his nurse Terri provide excellent professional care. I consider myself fortunate to be their patient.

Dr. Knoedler is thorough professional and is very personable. I trust him and the staff and my visit expectations are always met.

He has a comforting of explaining my problem and what can be done and when.

I thought Dr. Knoedler was wonderful. He answered my questions and took time to make sure I was taken care of.

He explains what it is our treatment options his recommendations what to do now and what to expect. He also has a sense of humor
and is one of the most respected doctors in his field.

I was lucky when a friend told me about Dr. Chris Knoedler and Metro Urology. I feel like I’m alive today because of that introduction.

Very knowledgeable and a great bedside manner.

I am very pleased with the care I received from Dr. K. I am happy to recommend him to others.

Dr. Knoedler is pleasant and caring and he knows his stuff. He can describe it so I can understand .I Think he is an excellent doctor.

Dr. Knoedler is a gifted surgeon has excellent patient communication skills and a blessing to me and many others through his medical and surgical training
and successful outcomes.

Dr. Knoedler did an excellent job in providing me with a very good quality of life after my surgery. Thank You so very much.

I know he is a very busy doctor but he gives me the impression he really cares about my wellbeing and takes the time to understand my concerns

The care I received from Dr. Knoedler was first rate. He respects my intelligence. We discussed any urological issues in an adult-level science-based manner.
His treatment of me both medically and personally is professional and respectful. I am very glad to be in his care.

Couldn’t ask for a better Dr. so much enthusiasm about what he does!

Dr. Knoedler is thorough sensitive and I do not believe that I could have a better physician regarding my issues.

Dr. Knoedler was very receptive to my problem and gave very good advice.

Dr. Knoedler is a great and very caring physician. He is knowledgeable helpful considerate and straightforward in a nice way

Doctor Knoedler is the absolute best doctor.

Only Doctor that I have ever gone to who called me before I went in for appt. to talk about my problems and explained what I could expect.

I had a urologist in Florida for a couple of years but did not feel comfortable with this arrangement. In contrast, I have considerable
confidence in Dr. Knoedler!