Urinary Function


Incontinence and irritative voiding symptoms are challenging issues patients may encounter after prostate surgery. We continue to modify our technique to minimize time to urinary continence and irritative voiding symptoms.

Urinary Continence

Urinary Continence Graph

The majority of patients regained urinary control by three months. Approximately 94 – 96% of patients are continent of urine one year after surgery.

Irritative Urinary Symptoms

As men age, irritative urinary symptoms can become more pronounced. This usually is attributed to an enlarging prostate. Men may develop an array of symptoms including urinary frequency, intermittency, urgency, weak stream, straining and incomplete bladder emptying. Removing the prostate has a favorable effect on patients with irritative (obstructive) urinary symptoms.

Charts below outline post-op voiding symptoms

Postoperative urinary symptoms in patients with mild symptoms preoperative

Mild Urinary Symptoms

Three months after surgery, over 90% of patients report normal voiding symptoms. Over time, approximately    97-98% of patients continue to experience only mild urinary symptoms.

Postoperative urinary symptoms in patients with moderate/severe symptoms preoperative

Moderate-Severe Urinary Symptoms

Most patients with moderate or severe urinary symptoms before surgery resolve by three months after surgery. 88% of patients improve over time, experiencing only mild(normal) urinary symptoms.