Margin Rate & Hospital Data

Margin Rate

Margins of a prostate resection are determined by the pathologist after the prostate has been surgically removed. A positive margin is noted when cancer is found at the surgical boundary. Margin rate can vary from institution to institution depending on the surgeon’s skill and the pathologist. Historically, our positive margin rate with open prostate surgery ranged from 15 – 17% which is comparable to other large volume centers.

Our margin rate for robotic surgery is 4.54%

Hospital Data

Information obtained during hospital stay after robotic prostate surgery.


Hospital length of stay Average length of stay in the hospital is 1.1 days

95% of patients stay less than 24 hours



Mean Robotic Time Median robotic time is 1 hour 23 minutes

Median operative time is 1 hour 44 minutes



Blood transfusion Blood transfusion rate is 0.59%

1 transfusion in past 5 years



No Drain 99% Patients without a drain




One Hundred Percent No patient excluded from robotic surgery due to body or

prostate size, or previous abdominal surgeries.