Erectile Function


Small delicate nerves responsible for erectile function run adjacent to the prostate. Trauma or injury to the nerves during surgery may result in impotence.


Below is our post operative potency data of ALL healthy patients less the 70 years old who were capable of sexual penetration preoperatively – (ASA 1 and ASA 2).

Erectile Function Graph
Erectile function continues to improve with time. Two years after a robotic prostatectomy, 89% of this group of patients are capable of sexual penetration.

Quality of Erection

Recently we surveyed 450 consecutive robotic prostate cancer patients in our office inquiring about erectile function. Patients were asked to fill out an IIEF-5 survey (Standardized form to assess Erectile Function). All patients were at various stages in their care. The IIEF-5 surveys were tallied and scored. Depending on the score, patients were categorized as follows:

  • 5 – 7 severe erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • 8 – 11 moderate ED
  • 11 – 16 mild / moderate ED
  • 17 – 21 mild ED
  • 22 – 25 normal erectile function

RESULTS OF IIEF-5 The results below indicate most patients achieve preoperative erectile function quality.

Quality of Erection Graph