Today Show host talks about his prostate cancer

In November 2020, 66 year old Al Roaker one of the hosts of the Today revealed on the NBC News show that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Weeks later the famous weatherman underwent prostate cancer surgery.

During his recovery he has been inundated with supportive messages from fans. He has been very open about how he has been taking care of himself following his surgery.

The popular weatherman posted on social media photos of himself going for a walk, with comments about how much he truly needs to exercise and how it helps him feel like he is doing things to truly take care of himself. He encourages his fans to take care of themselves.

Many people commented back thanking Al for his daily inspirational thoughts. They encouraged him to stay strong and safe and thanked him for his positivity. Fans also commented on how his upbeat spirit was perceived as very healing. People appreciate the fact that Al brings a smile to their faces even in these difficult times.

Before physically returning to the studio Al made a virtual appearance from his home saying that the pathology report had showed there was no evidence of cancer beyond his prostate.

Al recently returned to the Today Show studios after his recovery post-surgery. Fortunately, he was able to announce to viewers the positive news that doctors were certain that they had managed to remove the cancer. He credited his triumphant return to the studio to great medical care and the love of friends and family.

When back at work, the star told co-workers that he was feeling good.

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