Coming To The Market Soon; An Improved Test For Prostate Cancer

Some health providers feel that the lack of testing for prostate cancer today could be considered as a public health crisis.

The Simple Test Game Changer

The Journal of Urology has recently announced that miR Scientific, a healthcare company founded for the purpose of transforming cancer management, has validated its breakthrough, standalone liquid biopsy urine test for prostate cancer.
The validation study suggests that miR’s Sentinel test may be a much-needed and much-anticipated game-changer for men, clinicians, and healthcare providers as it could possibly replace today’s uncomfortable and invasive needle biopsies with a straightforward urine sample.

The test could potentially reduce three quarters of the prostate biopsies currently conducted. It could also drastically improve the coverage ratio of men tested.

According to the new study, the test detects the presence of cancer as well as classifies its aggressiveness for ongoing monitoring with over 91% sensitivity and specificity. Results are returned in just 7 days. Based on a urine sample, the Sentinel test produces its results by isolating molecules called small-non-coding RNAs, which are produced at or near the first inception of a prostate tumor.

This test leverages a proprietary algorithm to analyze the combination of these molecules present in the urine, and this analysis results in the cancer diagnosis and classification by stage.

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